Friday, July 24, 2009

District 9

The other night, I visited a neighbor who volunteered to share with me some red wiggler worms to start my vermicompost (see this post), and found that her husband is actually an Alderman in the City of New Haven. We chatted a bit about the municipal structure and local politics. He represents a neighboring district though, so I looked up which I lived in. It turns out that I reside in District 9.

District 9 Trailer (HD) - The best video clips are here

Evidently, I've a lot of learning to do about where I live... I started by emailing my own Alderman to ask about how I could request a storm drain be unclogged. Need to know which district you live in? Check out the aldermanic map at the bottom of this web page. Note that while there are plenty of crazy trees in New Haven, this map does not indicate where they are located. Talk about false advertising...

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