Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Voting en bloc

Yesterday I set foot in the concrete bunker of a behemoth called East Rock School to vote. It was the first time I've voted in Connecticut. It's the fourth state I've voted in. IL, PA, WA are the others. There were three positions and one ballot measure up for review. The most important race (for District 9 alderman) included an individual who ran unopposed. Roland Lemar's frequent neighborhood updates are useful to me, and he's replied to all of my emails. I enjoyed voting for him. The other race was for a mayor who easily won his 9th term, and for a city clerk. I didn't know I was voting for a clerk so decided to let the other New Haven residents pick that job.

One of the reasons I voted was that the polling place was right across the street (in a school slated to be torn down and rebuilt next summer). Likened to a prison in its current manifestation, the new design promises to be open, friendly and better integrated with the neighborhood.

Extra points go to the person who can ID which house on the architectural design is ours. My wife and I are excited about the new park and playground area across the street.

A second reason I voted is because I appreciate the opportunity to participate in government, even as a mere voter.

Finally, if I ever participate in government as more than a voter, I think it's important to show that, yes, I have voted in every election I was able.

Which brings me to another point. Sometimes, I'll not be able to vote, except by absentee ballot, simply because I'm working 30 hour shifts. CT doesn't make absentee balloting as easy as King County, Washington does. I'll have to figure that one out later. By this time next week, I'll be a MICU intern. Remember those work hours limitations? No more than 80 hours a week or 30 hours at a time... I've heard that it's pretty hard to observe them when you're a MICU intern. Either way, you won't be hearing much from me on this blog, by emails, or frankly, in any other medium, for the next month, as I will be in the midst of my MICU schedule block. Or said another way, en MICU block.

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